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    Main Office

    401 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite S-310
    Miami, FL 33128
    Telephone: (305) 679-6550
    Fax: (305) 679-6560

  2. Marathon Office

    Marathon Office

    5701 Overseas Highway, Suite 1
    Marathon, FL 33050
    Telephone: (305) 289-2301
    Fax: (305) 289-2313

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    Key West Office

    302 Southard Street
    Key West, FL 33040
    Telephone: (305) 292-7007
    Fax: (305) 292-7009

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    Tavernier Office

    92300 Overseas Highway, Suite 205
    Tavernier, FL 33070

Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel Third Region

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The Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel (Regional Counsel) is a State Agency created in 2007 by Senate Bill 1088 to provide legal representation to indigents.

The office provides legal representation in criminal cases that the Public Defender is prohibited by law from taking due to a conflict of interest and in all civil cases involving involuntary civil commitments including guardianships, adult protective services, dependencies and delinquencies, among others.

The Regional Counsel Offices geographic areas of responsibility were created to coincide with the boundaries of the five District Courts of Appeal.

Region Three (called RC3) serves the 11th and 16th Judicial Circuits comprising a population base of approximately 2.5 million people, and services approximately 43 courtrooms on a daily basis. The Agency began taking cases in October 2007 in the 11th Judicial Circuit and January 2008 in the 16th Judicial Circuit.

The Agency is essentially a high volume litigation law firm and all employees are expected to act as a litigation team and assist each other in providing quality representation to our clients.